Two Arrested in Craiglist Counterfeit Disney World Ticket Scam

Just imagine for a second.

You’ve put in hours of work. You’ve followed all of my tips. You’ve saved for months, or even years, for your vacation to the happiest place on earth. Then, when you get to the gates of your first Disney World theme park, you find out that you’ve purchased counterfeit tickets.

That’s exactly the situation that a couple of guests have found themselves in recently when they replied to a Craiglist ad offering discounted tickets to Walt Disney World.

One of the victims filed a police report on January 14, after purchasing four counterfeit Disney World tickets from a Craigslist ad promoted by Branden Bullerin, 19.

It turns out that Bullerin was posing as a Disney Cast Member, offering up his complimentary tickets to tourists seeking a discount.

Bullerin met the victim at the food court of Orlando International Airport and exchanged tickets for cash.

Once undercover law enforcement made contact with Bullerin, by replying to his Craigslist ad, they also met up with him and made an arrest.

Bullerin named Jimmy Messer as his co-conspirator and the pair were charged with a misdemeanor for the scam.

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