Seven Dwarfs Mine Train + Other Attractions Closed for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

UPDATE: Seven Dwarfs Mine Train has now been added to the list of open attractions during the Halloween event.

In a recent question appearing on the Disney Parks Moms Panel, a guest asked whether the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will be running during Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party.

As quite a shock to many Disney park enthusiasts, the answer given is no.  A list of 20 attractions that will remain open during the 2017 event was given as:

  1. The Magic Carpets of Aladdin
  2. Pirates of the Caribbean
  3. Swiss Family Treehouse
  4. A Pirate’s Adventure- Treasures of the Seven Seas
  5. Country Bear Jamboree
  6. Haunted Mansion
  7. Prince Charming Regal Carrousel
  8. “It’s a small world”
  9. Peter Pan’s Flight
  10. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
  11. Mad Tea Party
  12. Under the Sea – Journey of the Little Mermaid
  13. Dumbo the Flying Elephant
  14. The Barnstormer
  15. Astro Orbiter
  16. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin
  17. Space Mountain
  18. Tomorrowland Speedway
  19. Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover
  20. Monters, Inc. Laugh Floor.

What do you think of the news that one of the most popular new attractions at Magic Kingdom will be closed during one of the most popular events at Walt Disney World? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below!

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23 thoughts on “Seven Dwarfs Mine Train + Other Attractions Closed for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

  1. That is crazy! I bet they are going to get a lot of complaints about that! Hope they change it!

  2. We travel for 9.5 hours from the UK and stay offsite so can only book fast passes 30 days in advance. They are like gold dust and can’t get one for love nor money :'(
    We were really hoping that we may have a shorter queue time during the MNSSHP while the parade is taking place to finally get to ride it. So disappointed that it isn’t going to be open.
    And if that list is right then our favourite ride Big Thunder is also not open.
    I think we’ll have to reconsider spending the extra dollars on the party ticket.

  3. With the increase in party tickets, this is not a good word for sure. I have not purchased party tickets yet and I think this has pretty much made up my mind for me. Increases in prices with reductions in entertainment does not sound like a good deal to me.

  4. I honestly don’t like it, but I definitely understand why they’re doing it. They’re trying to get people to participate in the event rather than riding the rides while there’s less people in the park. It hardcore sucks, but from a corporate standpoint I can understand it.

  5. This new attraction should be open!
    Part of the perks of attending a special event should be access to a popular new attraction!
    Seems like not including this night make some guests re-think an extra fee for the night? Not a lot of starred tier-1 attractions open.
    As adults traveling without children we are still deciding if it’s with it or not.

  6. That’s ridiculous that one of the most popular rides will be closed during MNSSHP!! Having the popular rides open during the party is one of the benefits for purchasing the tickets.

  7. If a patron pays extra for an event, they should have access to any an all attractions that are available during that day to consumers not at the extra pay event.

  8. I’m still trying to understand why they would shut some of those more popular rides down during the MNSSHP? It makes it difficult when you typically go during the spring, hit refurbishment season, then want to plan another trip for the Halloween Party, only to miss out again!

  9. I think that’s terrible, and would definitely influence my decision were I considering buying the special ticket. Big thunder railroad (my favorite) isn’t on the list either!

  10. Really disappointing. We planed to go but perhaps we will just do more food and wine that night?

  11. Part of me is a little bummed but there are still so many other things open and by the time 7 rolls around I dont think we will be riding too many rides anyway. I just hope this isnt a trend and that they will close more and more as the years go by.

  12. I think that is not a thing. The Halloween party is for less people in the park and time to ride more rides, along with trick or treating. Please keep the ride open.

  13. I think this is Fair Guests are getting to experience unique Halloween inspired awesomeness for only 74$! Where as regular guests who go to wait 2 hours for the ride spend 115$ for the day! In which they waste a significant amount of time waiting for the privilege to get on the mine train! Because they aren’t able to get fast passes because resort guests get first pick at the them and steal them all! It’s a regular frustration for us who go for one day and that’s all we are able to afford and trying to pack doing everything in one day so make the most out of our expensive tickets!

    • We pay for that privilege by staying on property and paying for the resort prices. Save up if it bothers you so much. I think it’s totally fair.

  14. I think it’s very sad that they close ride that so very popular during this time
    Many families visit WDW for this event. For some it may be the only time they are able to visit this happy place, so I feel it’s very unfortunate and not very wise thinking

  15. I think it’s sad when they do close rides like that. There been times I’ve there and I don’t get to go that often where closed.

  16. Increasing prices taking away attractions. Seriously? What’s next. Disney used to be such a magical place and to me it still is because of the memories but for new comers I am sure it is less magical than when I first experienced it. Also by taking away ride times it is going to increase other ride times and that is just not right.

  17. Some of my best memories was ridding a bunch of rides durring the first parade. I hope more get added! 🙂 still a pretty good list though

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