The Most Amazing Thing Just Happened on The Great Movie Ride

One of the best things about The Great Movie Ride is its unpredictability. With an attraction host that leads you on a tour through the movies, and a mobster/ cowboy hijacker along the way, there are many exciting parts about this attraction.

One exciting thing that happened recently was aptly dubbed “The Meeting of the Mobsters” by anjack9, a user on the popular social news and discussion website: Reddit.

According to anjack9, the ride was suffering a small technical problem and they found their car stopped at the Mobster scene for quite some time.

What happened next was quite hilarious, as anjack9 tells us,

“I was on The Great Movie Ride yesterday and the timing on the scenes was horribly messed up. It took about 3 minutes to get past the Footlight Parade scene (which by then the music in Mary Poppins stopped) and we were stuck at the gangster scene for a good 6-7 minutes.

“After about 2 minutes of Ride Mugsy vamping, Mugsi came out to see what was going on while in character. Beard Mugsy did the same thing but essentially just argued with everyone over what they were supposed to be doing (in character). Nap Mugsy came out since Mugsy, Mugsi, and Mugsy woke him up. They all acted completely in character the entire time and it was honestly pretty incredible. They talked about how weird our ‘car’ was, the fact that the gangsters in the car were probably still in the garage, and that Nap Mugsy was napping after drinking the ‘product’.

“Best line was been “I just stole a car with 70 people in it. You think I care if my mom knows I hate her meatloaf?”

“Totally worth the wait. Everything shaped up after the Indiana Jones scene.”

Have you ever had any mishaps happen which were saved by talanted Cast Members? Leave us a comment about your experience.

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