Watch This 4-Year-Old Florida Girl Belt Out ‘How Far I’ll Go’ at Her Graduation Ceremony

At every Graduation Ceremony there is almost always a memorable moment, whether it is a slip up or a riveting speech. This time, it came from 4-year-old Sophia.

Every Disney fan knows it’s hard to keep your composure when your teacher plays your favorite song, and Sophia was no exception!

Her mother, Michelle, told us that her daughter’s class rehearsed a “melow rendition” of ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Disney’s Moana. Her daughter, however, had other plans!

When the song began, Sophia starts belting out the lyrics with enthusiasm that stands out against her classmates mellow performance.

Needless to say, she completely stole the show!

Neshin told us that her daughter doesn’t quite understand the attention she has been getting. However, a friend of their family sent Sophia a cake and she thought it was the greatest gift ever.

View the full video below:





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