7 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time at Walt Disney World

When visiting the Orlando theme parks, one thing that can ruin a vacation is time wasting. This is especially true at Walt Disney World as running out of time can be the determining factor between seeing and not seeing a certain attraction. If you don’t want to waste time at Walt Disney World, here’s what you need to stay clear of.

7. Park hopping on busy days

Imagine this. You arrive at a park to find long lines at all the attractions and heavy crowds flowing through the walkways. You decide to battle the crowds to the exit and try another park. After driving, parking and making your way to the entrance to the other park, you find this one just as crowded. And now you’ve wasted over an hour park hopping. Many guests do this on busy days and find themselves losing time rapidly. Don’t be one of those guests. Stick with one park on busy days.

6. Leaving the park for meals

It’s never a good idea to leave the parks to eat at the less expensive restaurants off property. By doing this, you will lose out on more time than it’s worth. Theme park tickets are expensive. Think ahead. If you don’t want to pay theme park prices for food, pack meals to take into the parks with you. You’ll even save more time by not having to wait in line at restaurants.

5. Eating during busy times

If you do decide to eat at one of the many restaurants in the theme parks, plan your meals outside of the usual dining periods. If you show up at a popular quick service restaurant at 1pm, don’t be surprised to find yourself waiting in line for well over 30 minutes. Instead, why not show up to eat at 2pm-3pm for lunch? Most quick service locations will be at their lowest capacity around that time.

4. Visiting the parks during busy seasons

This one seems obvious, and is sometimes unavoidable due to school schedules, but don’t visit during busy seasons. The worst times of the year to visit are Spring break, Fourth of July weekend, and the Christmas/ New Year season. Scheduling your vacation during non-peak seasons can save you a lot of time in long lines. The absolute best time to visit Walt Disney World, when the crowds will be at their lowest, is mid-January through to the end of February.

3. Not using restroom breaks together

This point is more for if you are travelling with younger children. Nothing is worse than a child needing the restroom in the middle of a long line, especially if you’re the only adult as you’re sure to lose your place. Plan to stop at every restroom that you pass by, even if they think they don’t need to go. If you’re travelling with other children too, make sure they all go when you’re stopped to keep restroom breaks to a minimum.

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2. Not using Rider Switch or FastPass+

Disney have some great options for cutting your waiting times down to a minimum. One great option is Rider Switch, which benefits groups with children either too short or too scared to ride a certain attraction. The system allows one parent to ride while the other waits with the child and then switch out positions. Another great option is the FastPass+ system. This system allows guests to make reservations for attractions and wait in a shorter line at a scheduled time. Both of these systems can save you hours of waiting in line for popular attractions.

1. Not planning out your day

This is without a doubt, the most important point on this list. Chances are you won’t get to do everything at Walt Disney World in one vacation. That’s why you’ve got to plan out your days in the parks in great detail. You should know where all the parades run and at what times. You should know when every show runs so that you avoid heavy crowds exiting the theaters. The good news is, you’re in the right place to learn how to plan your Walt Disney World vacation. We’re here to help and we won’t charge you a cent for it!

So go ahead.

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  1. I Love Disney. I Love these tips. I will be going to Disney world in June so these tips are very helpful.

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